All our products are hand crafted in small batches. We use natural ingredients and scent our soap, balm and bath prodcuts with essential oils based and ancient Egyptian and Roman perfume recipies. You can purchase our products through

Pleasant smells were associated with the gods as translated in this inscription describing the conception and birth of Hatshepsut:

"He (i.e. Amen-Re) found her as she slept in the beauty of her palace. She waked at the fragrance of the god, which she smelled in the presence of his majesty. He went to her immediately, coivit cum ea (slept with her), he imposed his desire upon her, he caused that she should see him in his form of a god. When he came before her, she rejoiced at the sight of his beauty, his love passed into her limbs, which the fragrance of the god flooded; all his odors were from Punt."

J. H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, Part Two, 196


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We have focused on using the same ingredients the ancient Romans and Egyptians used in their everyday life. Drawing as many ingredients as possible from the same geographic sources,we have relied on historial resources such as trade routes. medical text and plant compendiums to guide us in selecting ingredients that were long ago discovered to be benificial.


When deciding how to formulate our products we found there is more and more research showing that many ingredients relied upon by big industry can have toxic effects, especially in multiple exposues. We strive for a balance of safe, effective ingredients that are benificial.


Seven Hills was founded by two friends in Austin, Texas, one with an archeology degree and the other majored in the classics. We love what we do and we hope you enjoy the results.

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